Lemon & Tea Tree Spot control set

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  • Lemon & Tea Tree Spot control set

Lemon & Tea Tree Spot control set

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Save money by buying our best selling Spot Control face wash. Spot Control moisturiser and spot gel together.

Face Wash:

Our Lemon & Tea Tree face wash is unlike others on the market. This natural face wash acts as a cleanser and a face wash in one! It not only removes dirt but also helps replenish natural oils in your skin. 

Containing strawberry extract to help reduce sebum secretion, this face wash is ideal for oily, blemish prone skin. 

Our face wash is white in colour and a different consistency to usual washes, but we know once you try it, you won’t look back! 

125g - pump top bottle

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Our Lemon & Tea Tree moisturiser contains fruit extracts, Sea Buckthorn and Tea Tree leaf oil to help tackle oily, spot prone skin. 

Sea Buckthorn acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce soreness and redness, whilst nourshing your skin. 

Tea Tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial that can also help to target the bacteria that causes spots. 


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Spot Gel: 

Our spot gel contains natural spot fighting ingredients added to an Aloe Vera base to help rebalance natural oil levels. Aloe Vera leaf juice is key for soothing properties related to acne and prevents scarring through increasing collagen synthesis.

 Blended with Sea Buckthorn fruit oil reduces redness and swelling whilst also nourishing the skin to soften and heal scars. This oil contains a natural source of a wide range of vitamins providing anti-oxidising properties therefore reducing the signs of premature ageing. 

Tea Tree Leaf Oil provides anti-bacterial properties that help tackle Propionibacterium acnes the dreaded bacteria living in hair follicles causing spots.


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