I want to put a face to the company and tell you a little about what makes us tick...
I’m Kelly and together with my husband Gary, we own Queen B Bath & Body Ltd. We have 4 children and also own a First Aid training company and have done successfully for the past 5 year.

I personally started using natural shampoos as I have a sensitive scalp and really noticed the difference that it made. It no longer drove me mad itching and it started to look a lot healthier. Two of our children also suffer with eczema and our daughter is SUPER sensitive.

I started to toy with the idea of making and sourcing natural products
for ourselves. I liked knowing what was going on my skin, and loved the idea of choosing ingredients, such as essential oils, that would help different issues. After talking about it with various friends, they all wanted in on the action and threw the idea out there of starting up a business.

After MANY hours and months of research, sourcing suppliers (i had strict needs), applying for safety checks, registering products on the European market and meeting with our lovely designer to talk labels..... Queen B Bath & Body was born. Since then i have also completed and registered in a number of holistic courses to allow me to broaden our range. 

Why the name? And what about the logo?

When we married, Gary called me his Queen (yeah, yeah I know you all think it’s cheesy) but that is where Queen B actually began (B is our surname initial). 3 years ago I asked a friend, who also happens to be our designer, to design me a tattoo. That tattoo then became the base component of the Queen B logo. 

So now you know a little more about us  

I love what we do. It is hard running two businesses and a full home but so rewarding when we hear all the lovely feedback! Everyone of us at home, and our families use our products and we truly hope you like them as much as us